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There are many steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality but few are as effective as air duct cleaning. Your ductwork, unbeknownst to you, could be clogged with pollen, allergens, dander, and other pollutants. This can both lead to inefficient HVAC operation as well as breathing and health issues. Whether you have recently experienced a natural disaster in your home, such as flooding or a fire, or you simply want to take steps to improve your indoor air quality, Sani-Tyze Air Duct Cleaning Systems can help.

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Many people believe that air duct cleaning is only necessary after a disaster. Others may even forego cleaning for the entire time they live in their home until they sell. There are many other reasons to have your air ducts cleaned beyond improving indoor air quality. You may also be able to reduce odors and allergy symptoms.

Why You Should Schedule Regular Air Duct Cleaning:

You or your family members have allergies or respiratory problems

Anyone in your family smokes inside

You have pets that you let inside the house

You have seen rodents or insects in your home

You recently bought your home

You had flood or fire damage in your house

Benefits Of Duct Cleaning

Your family dedicates a lot of time and money to keep your home safe and clean. If you would like to take steps to ensure your HVAC system is operating at peak performance, air duct cleaning is the best solution. Many of our customers have experienced several benefits from having their air ducts cleaned.

With Regular Air Duct Cleaning, You Can Enjoy:

Fresher Air

Improved HVAC efficiency

Reduced Energy Bills

Improving Your Indoor Environment With Expert Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning team is committed to paying proper attention to your ductwork, especially after a fire or flood. Air duct cleaning is one of our many areas of expertise. Our technicians are prepared to show up with the most advanced technology and equipment to get the job done. We have years of experience in the field of restoration and cleaning.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Helping To Prevent House Fires In Pittsburgh

When you think of home fires, you may think about the things you’ve seen on television, such as a kitchen appliance or wiring that has gone bad. Unfortunately, there is one appliance in your home that has the most potential to cause house fires and that is the clothes dryer. We help homeowners like yourself reduce the risk of trouble by performing expert dryer vent cleaning services. If you’re not sure if your dryer vent has ever been cleaned out, you should not put it off any longer.

Does Your Dryer Vent Need Cleaning?

Most dryers can operate without problems for years. Some may run into insignificant problems that can be easily fixed. Although there appears to be no sign of dryer problems, such as clunking noises or smoke billowing out, the risk may still be there. It is important to know the more subtle clues that your dryer could be at risk for a fire, especially if you and your family use the appliance often. If you notice any of the following warning signs, contact a professional dryer vent cleaning technician right away.

Signs That You Should Have Your Dryer Vent Cleaned Include:

Your clothes take longer than usual to dry

There is excessive lint gathering

There is excessive moisture

Reasons To Schedule a Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Any step that you can take to eliminate a source of potential danger is a valuable one. Taking measures to clean your home’s dryer vent can both prolong your appliance’s life and improve its efficiency. This may result in lower bills for you and your family, in addition to improving your overall safety.


Air Quality Testing

Maintaining good indoor air quality is important for your health. According to the EPA, indoor air quality poses a greater health hazard than outdoor air pollution, with pollutant levels averaging 2 to 5 times higher than outside air. Products and materials present in our homes constantly emit chemicals called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the air.


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